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Baby peacocks/Blues & BN

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We had a 1000lt tub with Peacock, Elec Blues and BN. We noticed that our BN were either extremely skinny or bones or dissappearing. We took them all out and put them all in a 5ft hoping to feed them up and see what was wrong. We have since found out that the peacocks and blues have been eating them. Even the tiny blues (under 1.5cm) have been eating BN that are the same size as them. We have watched them hunt them and attack until they are dead. I would expect larger juvi's picking on the little ones but not at the same size. I'm guessing that the BN have been hiding and not eating, therefore they are skinny fish.

Could the cichlids be doing this because we haven't been feeding them enough or are they just plain mean fish???

Since finding that out we have moved the BN too a safer location. :)


Carl & Jenny

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